Friday, 29 May 2015

Photoshop Reflection

Photoshop project.
Quintin Graydon

For this project I utilized elements of photography and Photoshop. for the photos I tried to utilize the elements of photography, depth, framing, etc.  I selected 10 photos That I took while in Europe and used different Photoshop techniques in order to enhance them. these  techniques included dodging and burning, different adjustments like hue/saturation, vibrance and color balance. I wanted to make the colors in most of these pictures seem deeper and cooler.  I also selected two pictures, one of them I used artistic filters on  the other I did a 3D anaglyph. I feel like my skills in dodging and burning have improved since the last Photoshop project I did. I struggled with the 3D anaglyph because it was my first time doing a project like this. For the filtered I used a film grain filter to make it look aged. the Artistic filters on Photoshop are tacky in my opinion.                

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