Friday, 29 May 2015

Photoshop Reflection

Photoshop project.
Quintin Graydon

For this project I utilized elements of photography and Photoshop. for the photos I tried to utilize the elements of photography, depth, framing, etc.  I selected 10 photos That I took while in Europe and used different Photoshop techniques in order to enhance them. these  techniques included dodging and burning, different adjustments like hue/saturation, vibrance and color balance. I wanted to make the colors in most of these pictures seem deeper and cooler.  I also selected two pictures, one of them I used artistic filters on  the other I did a 3D anaglyph. I feel like my skills in dodging and burning have improved since the last Photoshop project I did. I struggled with the 3D anaglyph because it was my first time doing a project like this. For the filtered I used a film grain filter to make it look aged. the Artistic filters on Photoshop are tacky in my opinion.                

Photoshop Project

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Quintin Graydon
Police simulator 2015

For this project I used Adobe Flash. As instructed I used a pre made template of a card matching game. My original idea was so that the user would have to match up a black or a white person with a method of appropriate force (lethal for a black individual non lethal for a white individual). I decided against this because i could not implement this idea without changing the action scripts, and I have no knowledge in coding java. for this game I wanted to highlight the issue of police violence against African Americans. I intended the tone of the game to be somewhat satirical/hyperbolic. Obviously police officers aren't specifically trained to kill black individuals but i wanted to use humor as a tool to highlight the racial discrimination deeply seeded in the law enforcement system. I feel like this work would have been much more successful if I had the know how to start from scratch rather than using a template. The ability to change action scripts would have helped make the game more detailed and easyer to understand for the user.      

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Art game brainstoming

 - Income gap / Economic immobility

- Xenophobia

-  Institutionalized Racism

I could Represent Institutionalized racism by having the player start as an African american flappy bird or a white flappy bird. If the player starts as a white flappy bird you simply play a fair game of flappy bird. If you start as a black flappy bird you simply lose.

Income gap could be represented by increasing the difficulty of flappy bird based on a random amount of currency the player starts with

Xenophobia could be represented by the pipes not allowing the bird through based on is color.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection

Fist off I would never sell this toy to anyone because it is terrifying. This toy is meant to be a criticism of modern standards of physical attractiveness. It mainly criticizes the fact that modern standards of beauty tend to reject the most humanistic parts of the human form.

What I like best about this toy is how it turned out surreal and unsettling as intended. It looks fairly well done as well. Other than a few scratches on barbies third breast I am satisfied with how it turned out.

What I like least is how there are very few moving parts. If I were to do this project again I would add moving arms or a voice box of some sort.      

Monday, 13 April 2015

Art film reflection

My art film is meant to represent the drama and peril of violent revolution using vague symbolism. I repeatedly used the clip of the soldier swinging his sword from the Odessa staircase scene in battleship Potemkin to represent oppression and degradation of the masses. I used the clips of the rising thermometer form metropolis to suggest rising tension between the oppressed and the oppressor. I used the song "in the hall of the mountain king" because it exemplified the rising tension and eventual climax. in the last 20 seconds of the film I used footage of angry mobs of nameless individuals to try and capture the essence of an angry mob and the dehumanization that comes with being a participant in such a mob. I intentionally increased how often the scenes transitioned in order to portray the chaos of such an event of that nature.